At this time, there is not much information about the Ka-58, which is understandable, given the level of secret warfare that is being developed, and given the fact that it is not about this real project, but about a popular model. application. It is early to talk about the Ka 58 as a real plane, but it is clear that in the design office of Kamov this idea is no longer only in the air, but it is put in sketches and drawings. The proof of this is the appearance of a model of a helicopter from the company Zvezda with the name “Black Ghost”, which can say a lot, since the box with the model of the plane clearly says ” produced under the license of the Kamov company. “. But a license can be nothing more than using the name, and some basic design tips.

Free download Ka-58 Black Ghost 3D Model ready for Game AR/VR

Format, Texture, Material:

  • GLB
  • FBX